DOWNLOAD: Customer Database Template

DOWNLOAD: Customer Database Template

Savvy restaurateurs know how important it is to keep their customers coming back. That's why they take the time to collect  information about their guests. Knowing your customer gives you the opportunity to send them a birthday card or invite them back during special promotions.

Building and maintaining a customer database opens up unlimited opportunities to directly market to your guests. Frequent diner programs, email promotions and announcements of upcoming promotions are just a few of the methods available to keep your guests coming back.

This download features an Excel spreadsheet designed to easily record your customer's names, addresses, email, birthdays and more. It also includes a simple form that can be printed to give your customers so they can fill in the information you want.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • The downloadable files contains an Excel database form for collecting your customer's mailing and contact information.

  • The database worksheet also has fields to collect personal information about your customers such as birthday, anniversary and favorite foods.

  • Included is a printable form that customers can use to fill out their contact information.

  • This file can be used for mail merges with your promotional form letters created in Microsoft Word.

The Customer Database Template is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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