DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Program

DOWNLOAD: Alcohol Management Program

Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages have a responsibility to provide their staff with the necessary training to responsibly sell and serve alcoholic beverages.

The fact is, alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every 30 minutes. DRAM shop acts around the country have led to court decisions that hold bars, restaurants, and their employees liable for serving intoxicated customers.

In the U.S., most states require servers of alcoholic beverages to participate in a state certified alcoholic beverage training in addition to the training they receive from their employer. This template can help your restaurant develop a responsible, knowledgeable staff with regard to alcoholic beverage service.

The downloadable program contains training course material and guidelines for responsible alcohol service in a typical restaurant or bar.

This program includes facts about the effects of alcohol, methods of detecting intoxicated patrons, intervention methods, a blood alcohol content (BAC) chart, a test for servers and a course completion certification.

The Alcohol Management Training Program includes  -

  • Ten Steps to Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service
  • Understanding the Physiological Effects of Alcohol
  • Blood Alcohol Content
  • Detection of Intoxicated Persons
  • Detection of Minors
  • Intervention with Minors
  • Intervention with Intoxicated Patrons
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Dram Shop Laws - Liability
  • Alcohol Management Program Test
  • Completion Certificate


The Alcohol Management Training Program template is downloadable in MS Word (.doc) file format. Rich Text Format (.rtf) available upon request.

 Sample page from Alcohol Management Training Program -

  Sample page from Alcohol Management Training Program -

The Alcohol Management Program is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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