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DOWNLOAD: Employee Corrective Action Notice

Corrective action is a process designed to identify, correct and document employee performance problems that have had or have the potential to create a disruption to the proper functioning of the restaurant or it's employees at any level.

The corrective action plan process normally involves the following steps:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Suspension
  4. Discharge

For any corrective action there should be clear and direct communication between the manager and the employee. This communication should normally include a meeting with the manager and employee to discuss the nature of the problem behavior and it's negative impact on the restaurant and / or other employees. During the meeting, the manager should make it clear to the employee that there are specific performance/behavior expectations and standards that the employee has failed to meet. It should be clearly communicated that the employee needs to work on correcting the problem behavior within a specified time frame to avoid more serious action.

Corrective action steps should be documents by the Employee Corrective Action Notice for all employees and should be applied consistently to all employees.

Use the Employee Corrective Action Notice to document such problem situations and, if appropriate, to communicate to employee in writing the nature of the problem and the corrective action that the employee needs to make to resolve the problem.


Contributed to by -Jeffrey Summers

The Employee Corrective Action Notice is downloaded as an MS Word(.doc) file.

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