DOWNLOAD: Foodborne Illness/Complaint Report

DOWNLOAD: Foodborne Illness/Complaint Report

Complaints that may carry some possible liability, such as incidents of foodborne illness, cannot be handled like typical service complaints.

We suggest that you use a form like this, brief everyone on your staff on how to use it and have copies near every phone where a complaining guest might call.

You do not want to ask an upset guest to wait while you hunt up a form, or trust your memory to make sure you get all the information you will need and you do not want to ask the caller to call someone else at another number. Actions such as these will likely be interpreted as stalling or lack of concern - they will only make the caller more anxious and upset.

Be sure to read "Handling Complaints With Potential Liability" on in conjunction with using this form.

Summary of features & benefits of conducting employee performance evaluations:

  • Use this form as a checklist to obtain all the necessary information you need to properly respond to a complaint of foodborne illness.
  • Using this form give you a permanent record of what the complainant told you about their situation.

The Foodborne Illness/Complaint Report is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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