DOWNLOAD: Guest Comment Card

DOWNLOAD: Guest Comment Card

It's crucial you know what your guests are thinking. It's estimated that only 1 in 20 people will complain where they have a problem in a restaurant. The problem for the operator, is that many of these people simply don't come back.

A well-conceived Guest Comment Card system will give you immediate and ongoing feedback of how your guests' perceive your restaurant, both good and bad. While it's always nice to hear the accolades, it's actually better to get the bad news - so you can do something about it! If you respond to a complaint quickly and show you genuinely care, you have a good shot at retaining customers before they decide to leave and never come back.

Have your Comment Cards available at your host/hostess stand, in a box on your counters and have servers present them with the check. Some restaurants offer incentives like a complimentary dessert or beverage to guests for filling out a card. Get the bounce-back effect by making the complimentary items redeemable on their NEXT visit!

You'll probably be surprised at how much valuable feedback you get in the first week!

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