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TOUR: Downloadable Tools & Templates

TOUR: Downloadable Tools & Templates

Here's a partial listing of our growing array of ready-to-use forms, manuals, procedures and worksheet templates you can use to build a more organized and efficient restaurant and a more profitable business.

Get IMMEDIATE access to over one hundred restaurant forms, spreadsheets & templates worth hundreds of dollars, at no additional cost, when you join RestaurantOwner.com!

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template (Spanish Edition available)
A comprehensive employee handbook is crucial to the success and safety of your restaurant. Without the written documentation of your employee policies and practices it's like having no definitive policies at all. Save time and money by downloading this template developed specifically for restaurants. More about the Employee Handbook Template.

Job Description Templates (Spanish Edition available)
A complete and accurate job description for each position in your restaurant is a necessity today. Job descriptions describe the role you're asking your people to play in your restaurant and they help your employees to understand their duties, responsibilities and the results and standards of work they need to achieve. We currently have job description templates for the following positions:

  • General Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Server
  • Dishwasher
  • Line Cook
  • Prep Cook
  • Bus Person
  • Host/Hostess
  • Bartender

Restaurant Startup & Feasibility Spreadsheets
Whether you're planning on opening your first restaurant or adding another location, analyzing the financial feasibility of the project is essential. These series of linked Excel spreadsheets have been refined over several years on a wide variety and number of actual restaurant ventures and formal business plans. More about the Startup & Feasibility Spreadsheets.

Training Manual Templates (Spanish Edition available)
Having a complete and thorough training manual for every position is critical to ensure consistent training when people are hired and for correct, consistent execution in the restaurant. Using these professionally designed templates will save you time and money and give you lots of ideas to put into your own training manuals. We currently have training manual templates for the following positions: More about the Training Manual Templates.

  • Bartender
  • Busser
  • Dishwasher
  • Host/Hostess
  • Server
  • Prep Cook
  • Line Cook

POS Evaluation Worksheet
Selecting a POS system is one of the most important decisions a restaurant operators makes. The POS Evaluation Worksheet lists the many features to consider in choosing a POS. It is downloaded in an Excel format and can be easily customized to reflect your exact requirements. You can use it as a tool to organize and compare the features of different POS systems.

Restaurant Startup Checklist
Starting a restaurant means dealing with a myriad of details and activities. Missing a critical step or activity can mean delays, cost overruns or worse. Use this 300+ point checklist from 12 months out to opening day to better plan and manage the process. More about the Restaurant Startup Checklist.

Inventory Spreadsheet
This Excel spreadsheet contains two worksheets, one for calculating food inventory and the other for bar inventory. The food inventory in broken down into categories for Meat, Seafood, Poultry, Produce, Bakery, Grocery and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

Daily Running Inventory Worksheet
The Running Inventory Worksheet is designed to help you control those 8 to 12 products that have the most impact on your food cost . It is a tool you can use to compare the quantity of your key products "actually" used with the quantity that "should" have used based upon what you sold during the day. Very effective in detecting & controlling theft, waste, over-portioning and other problems.

Ordering Schedules & Worksheets

Tools to organize, streamline and standardize your ordering functions. These worksheets are designed to organize, streamline and standardize your ordering functions. Use the "Order Schedule" to list your vendors, contact, emergency information and order and deliver dates. There are 3 separate "Ordering Worksheets." One each for daily deliveries, 2 day a week deliveries and 3 day a week deliveries.

Daily Sales Reports
Use the daily sales report template to record your sales by shift and by register and calculate daily sales, taxes, deposits, etc. We're happy to customize this report so that it works for your unique way of doing business. This report is downloadable in a MS Excel format in either Full Service or QSR formats.

Industry Standard P&L Formats
You'll get more information out of your P&Ls if they're formatted consistent with the National Restaurant Association Uniform System of Accounts. Both summary and detail P&L formats are downloadable in a MS Excel format.

New Restaurant Opening Manual
While every new restaurant opening has it's unique requirements, this 50 page manual can be a useful guide to anticipate, organize and plan the primary activities that every new restaurant must execute well to have a successful opening. Includes weekly checklists, forms, schedules for procuring products, services, marketing activities, employee hiring, training & more. More about the New Restaurant Opening Manual.

Weekly Cash Flow Worksheet
An MS Excel spreadsheet template that will help you project and organize your weekly cash receipts and payments. Useful for alerting you to potential cash surpluses and shortfalls so you have ample time to plan and prepare.

Weekly Prime Cost Report Worksheet
A linked series of MS Excel spreadsheet templates will help you efficiently capture sales, purchases, payroll and inventory information to create a weekly Prime Cost Report, one of the most valuable and effective cost control tools in our industry.

Catering/Event Worksheet

The Catering/Event Worksheet will give you a tool to help determine the food, beverage and paper products, equipment and staffing that are required for a specific event. You can then use this sheet to do a quick costing of the event to see what you need to charge to make an acceptable gross profit.

Catering Proposal Templates
The Catering Proposal templates include a customizable cover letter, proposal form and a quick catering/event agreement which we refer to as the "Catering Policies." The "Catering Policies" spells out to your prospects and clients exactly how you intend to do business.

Employment Application
Includes authorizations for drug testing, background checks and other steps that may now or at some time be part of your screening and evaluation process. Also, included is a "values statement" cover letter which can be used to communicate to applicants the values that drives the management and direction of your company.

Opening, Closing & Shift Change Checklists

Use these operational checklists as a guide to create your own unique, comprehensive list of duties your managers should perform at the beginning and end of every shift. Using checklists gives your managers a tool to opening and close each shift in an organized and thorough manner and makes it easier to train new managers to perform these functions. We currently have the following checklists ready to download:

  • Service Checklist
  • Purchasing Checklist
  • Receiving Checklist
  • Storage Checklist
  • Preparation Checklist
  • Cleaning (kitchen & storage)
  • Manager's Opening Checklist
  • Manager's Shift Change Checklist
  • Manager's Closing Checklist

Mystery Shopper Report
Do you really know what your restaurant looks like from the eyes of a guest? One way to find out is to employ mystery shoppers. Use this 70-point shopper report to evaluate your restaurant's dining experience from your guests' point of view.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Ever wonder what your employees think about working in your restaurant? It's one of the most valuable things you can know. Unhappiness with supervisors, management styles, working conditions, lack of supplies and poor equipment can keep your employees from doing their best or cause them to quit. Choose either a short or long form template to find out what your employees are really thinking.

Foodborne Illness/Complaint Report
When you receive a complaint claiming foodborne illness it's important to get the facts and write down exactly what was said. Use this form as a checklist of what to ask and a permanent record to document the claims and facts surrounding these types of potentially serious complaints.

Blind Staffing Labor Schedule Planner

This is one powerful tool that every restaurant operator should be using! Designed to help you schedule every labor hour of the day to provide you with instant feedback of the costs associated with your scheduling decisions.

Employee Performance Evaluation Forms
How do employees know how they're doing if you never tell them? Use the Employee Performance Evaluation to give your employees constructive feedback on how they are doing and ways to improve their performance.

Customer Comment Card
It's estimated that only 1 in 20 people will complain if they have a problem in a restaurant. The problem for the operator, is that many of these people simply don't come back. Make it easy to get customer feedback with a quick, convenient Customer Comment Card system.

Interview Rating Form
You don't have to rely on your memory when making hiring decisions. Use this form to quantify and document your thoughts and impressions of each interview to improve your hiring process.

Screening Interview Form
Originally developed by a large chain to identify those traits found to be most common in their very best hourly employees. This proven tool will tell you whether an applicant is likely to be a winner or turkey in 5 minutes.

Daily Sales & Receipts Spreadsheet

Use this form to record your daily sales, receipts, deposits and other DSR numbers for easy entry into your accounting system. This form also simplifies the bank reconciliation process by breaking out credit card deposits by day and type.

Menu Evaluation Worksheet
How do you decide whether to add a new item to your menu? It's an important decision. Using the Menu Item Evaluation Worksheet will give you an organized and methodical way of making more intelligent and informed menu decisions.

Liquor Control Worksheet
Suspect you have a liquor cost problem? Find out for sure and how big of a problem you have by using the Liquor Control Worksheet. This Excel spreadsheet template has helped scores of operators cut their liquor losses and keep their margins in check.

Confidentiality Agreement
Having a confidentiality agreement in place, is your first step to protect your trade secrets, and show your employees that you take your business serious.

Daily Prep Sheet Templates
Do your kitchen personnel prep too much or not enough? This tool will help your people plan and control production of your food products.

Hourly Labor Cost Worksheets
Excel spreadsheet templates to help you quickly and easily calculate your hourly labor cost by the day and week.

Daily Sales Plus Labor Summary
Monitor your daily and weekly labor expenses as compared to sales and to labor targets that you choose. A very powerful Excel spreadsheet application for controlling one of your biggest costs. Choose between Full Service and Quick Service formats.

Petty Cash Forms
The best way to control cash payments and keep them to a minimum is to set up a separate petty cash fund for cash paid-outs and NOT take cash out of the day's sales receipts. These forms will help you set up and administer a petty cash fund.

Server/Cashier Checkout Sheet
Use the Checkout Sheet to document and reconcile cash from bartender, cashier and server banks at the end of the shift.

. . . and many more!

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