DOWNLOAD: Birthday/Anniversary Promotion Postcard Template

DOWNLOAD: Birthday/Anniversary Promotion Postcard Template

Birthday and Anniversary mailings are proven winners. Back post card invites the customer to celebrate their birthday by bringing in this card that offers a free entrée on their next visit.

The easiest way to get more business is to get your existing customers to come back more often and the mailer gives them an incentive to do so.

Summary of features & benefits:
  • The Birthday and Anniversary Postcard Template mailers have

    proven to generate up to 20% return rates.
  • These mailers are easy to set up as a repeat promotion and can be used for any special event.
  • Your customers will feel appreciated that you recognized that your restaurant is one of the places they would want to go on their birthday.
  • The additional customers will generate repeat business and build your database for future mailings.

The Birthday Anniversary Postcard Template is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

PLEASE NOTE: This powerful marketing practice is courtesy of our friends at Firepower Marketing. They have worked with over 6,000 independent restaurant operators (many of whom are members) and have developed The One Simple Thing that Puts $32.67 in Your Pocket for Every Dollar you Invest in Marketing your Restaurant.

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