DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Application for Employment

Having the right Application for Employment is an important tool for supporting a quality employee selection process.

Having a complete and legally sound employment application is the first step to a quality hiring process. This template will give you a head start on developing your own application. It includes authorizations for additional employment screen steps such as drug testing, background checks and other procedures that may now or at some time be part of your screening and evaluation process.

Also, attached is a "values statement" cover letter. This can be used to communicate to applicants the values that drive the operation and direction of your company. Many companies use their values statement as part of the screening process. Some applicants will identify with a company's values and others won't. The ones that don't, often screen themselves out before bothering to fill out the application saving you time and possibly much more.

The Restaurant Application for Employment is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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