DOWNLOAD: Daily Prep Sheet

DOWNLOAD: Daily Prep Sheet

Do your kitchen personnel prep too much or not enough? This tool will help your people plan and control production of your food products.

Preparing the proper quantity of food products is a critical function in any kitchen. Waste and food cost go up if you consistently prepare too much. Don't make enough and you lose sales opportunities and disappoint your guests.

The Daily Prep Sheet (DPS) can help you and your staff make smarter, more informed decisions of what and how much prep to do every day.

Develop a DPS for each kitchen prep position. Let each prep person determine the usable quantities of product on hand, indicate the inventory amount on the form and calculate how much of each product needs to be prepared. Then have the chef, sous chef or kitchen manager review the DPS before the work begins.The DPS should serve as a checklist so nothing falls through the crack and as a tool to help your people control production so the "right" amount of food gets prepared.

The Daily Prep Sheet is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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