DOWNLOAD: Weekly Prime Cost Worksheets

Restaurant operators that track their prime cost weekly routinely increase their bottom-line 2% - 5% or more!  If you're serious about improving your profit - START USING THIS WORKBOOK TODAY!

This series of integrated worksheets has been designed to efficiently capture sales, purchases, payroll and inventory information to generate one of the most valuable weekly reports in any foodservice operation.

Prime cost is composed of the two biggest and most volatile cost areas in any restaurant, food & beverage and labor cost. Having accurate, weekly feedback on prime cost is essential to keep management informed and focused on their biggest and most vulnerable cost control areas.

Keys to success in using this report:

  • Enter supplier purchases, hourly payroll and sales information daily.

  • Conduct an accurate physical inventory of all food and beverage items at the end of the week.

  • Commit to completing and reviewing the prime cost report the day after your week ends.

3 Versions to Choose From:

Full Service Version - Categorized Food and Alcoholic Beverage
Limited-Service Version - Categorized Food, Soft Beverage and Paper Cost - No Alcoholic Beverage
Food (uncategorized), Soft Beverage and Alcoholic Beverage

The Prime Cost Worksheets are downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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