DOWNLOAD: Experience Proposition Worksheet

DOWNLOAD: Experience Proposition Worksheet

Every restaurant's success depends to a great degree on having a unique Experience Proposition that appeals to a sufficient number of people within their local market area.

An Experience Proposition is the unique combination of food and beverages, service and hospitality, ambience and overall experience a restaurant provides its customers. The Experience Proposition expresses the best or most effective way for a restaurant to attract and retain customers and distinguish itself from the competition.

Clearly defining and communicating your Experience Proposition is vital because it dictates the operating strategies, systems and daily activities needed to deliver the unique customer experience required to propel the restaurant's success.

Whether you have an existing restaurant or are still in the planning stage, the Experience Proposition Worksheet is designed to help you identify and clarify the following --

  • Why people come (or will come) to your restaurant. The experience your customers want and expect.
  • Your reputation, what you are known for or want to be known for.
  • The unique elements that your restaurant offers that no one else does in your market area.
  • How you may be compromising your experience proposition by trying to appeal to too broad of a customer base.
  • How your restaurant may be unintentionally sending inconsistent messages by performing activities that are not aligned with each other.
  • What needs to happen for you to deepen the unique aspects of your experience proposition so your restaurant stands out and more people are attracted and drawn to your restaurant.

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