DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Mission Statement Worksheet

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Mission Statement Worksheet

A mission statement is one of the most important foundational ingredients in creating a successful organization.

A mission statement should provide a concise and clear statement of why your company exists – your primary purpose and goal. Make it short and easy to memorize. This will make your mission statement more effective and memorable.

Some of the best companies in the world use their mission statement as a guide in making decisions and taking actions in every area of their business. They recognize it as an invaluable tool in providing direction, focus and consistency throughout their organization.  

This mission statement worksheet is a helpful tool for creating your first mission statement or improving the effectiveness of an existing one.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Will help you generate ideas and topics for discussion.
  • Includes a proven formatting guide that will make it easy to express and communicate your mission in a way that makes it impactful and effective.  
  • Will help you identify your key business drivers and what's important to measure and analyze.
  • Will sharpen your focus on the key measures that drive your business and how they should align with your mission statement.

This worksheet is available in Microsoft Word (doc) file format. You must have a Microsoft Word or compatible program installed on your computer to use this form.

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