DOWNLOAD: Restaurant P&L Trend Analysis

A Profit and Loss Statement is one of the most important financial tools that a restaurant owner has to evaluate their operation in detail. Virtually every action and decision that take place in a restaurant is eventually reflected on the P&L.

While knowing the numbers on your P&L is important, the real value is understanding the actions and decisions that caused those numbers to be what they are. When the numbers are analyzed and tied back to specific actions in the restaurant, operational changes can be made and better results can be achieved.

The P&L Trend Analysis Worksheet is a tool that will dramatically enhance your ability to analyze and understand what's REALLY going on in your restaurant and how its affecting your profitability and success.

To learn more about your financial statements, please read some of the resources below:

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4 Week 13 Period P&L Trend Analysis Worksheet
12 Month P&L Trend Analyis Worksheet

This download is available in two versions: a calendar month trend analysis tool, or a 4-week 13-period trend analysis tool. Please download the version that best resembles your financial reporting periods.

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