Success Focus Video: How Much Money Should Your Restaurant Be Making?

Restaurant Profitability CalculatorRestaurant Profitability Calculator
Use the Profitability Calculator to compare your restaurant's sales and profit ratios to industry averages. The Annual Sales section calculates the annual sales per sq. ft. for your restaurant . . . more >>

Why Prime Cost Is the Most Important Number (That Should Be) on Your P&LWhy Prime Cost Is the Most Important Number (That Should Be) on Your P&L
by Jim Laube
Prime cost (food, beverage & labor) consumes in excess of 60% of sales in most restaurants. They are your largest and most volatile costs. Without good Prime Cost controls even high volume restaur . . . more >>

ONLINE SEMINAR: Key Industry Averages-How Does Your Restaurant Stack Up?ONLINE SEMINAR: Key Industry Averages-How Does Your Restaurant Stack Up?
How does your restaurant's financial performance stack up to the industry? Get industry averages and rules of thumb to evaluate your sales, food cost, beverage costs, mangement and hourly labor cost, . . . more >>

The Top 10 Myths of Restaurant ProfitabilityThe Top 10 Myths of Restaurant Profitability
by Jim Laube
Conventional wisdom in the restaurant business is often anything but wise or good for your bottom line. Here are 10 so-called undeniable restaurant truths that could be costing you big money. . . . more >>

Restaurant Rules of Thumb: How Does Your Operation Measure Up to Industry Averages & Standards?
by Jim Laube
A review of several key restaurant industry startup, financial & operational metrics that have proven to be reliable measurements over time. A handy guide for operators planning changes or assess . . . more >>

10 Restaurant Financial Red Flags10 Restaurant Financial Red Flags
by John Nessel
Financial problems don't just suddenly happen. There are signs that can alert operators to potential problems ahead. Recognizing these ten financial "Red Flags" in your restaurant can point . . . more >>

How to Manage Your Restaurant's Cash FlowHow to Manage Your Restaurant's Cash Flow
by Jim Laube
Even operations that are profitable are not immune from occasional cash deficits and can unexpectedly find themselves scampering to cover a potential bank overdraft situation. See how you can protect . . . more >>

The Restaurant Owner's Financial Management ScorecardThe Restaurant Owner's Financial Management Scorecard
by Jim Laube
No unhappy guests is always JOB ONE but, a restaurant that's regularly filled with happy customers isn't necessarily a successful one. It's got to make money, too. Find out how well you're paying att . . . more >>

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