Survey: Purchasing Practices of Independent Restaurants

Survey: Purchasing Practices of Independent Restaurants

Since food cost is one of the greatest concerns of restaurant owners, shouldn't your purchasing decisions be as well? In this survey you will find what solutions your peers have chosen for their purchasing needs, and their opinions of different types of suppliers.

In order to help independent restaurateurs in their we asked our members to contribute their experiences and stories on deciding what they purchase from who for their restaurant.

Their responses are astounding, revealing valuable insight about the many choices and challenges a restaurant owner must make when considering purchasing options. This collection includes honest opinions and statistical data that can aid you in your search for the right purchasing solution for your restaurant.

The results reveal valuable information such as:

  • How many owners use a broadline distributor.
  • What major factors they considered when choosing a supplier.
  • Important characteristics in a sales rep.
  • The value of a buying group or purchasing program.
  • Purchasing from wholesale clubs vs. purchasing from suppliers.

We'd like to thank the over 700 members who participated in this survey. By presenting this information, owners and operators with years of experience reveal their insight in the complicated world of purchasing decisions.

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