DOWNLOAD: Hourly Guest Count Tracking Template

DOWNLOAD: Hourly Guest Count Tracking Template

The Hourly Guest Count Tracking template is a guest count forecasting tool for tracking and forecasting guest counts down to half-hour intervals.

Use this spreadsheet in conjunction with your POS reports to track hourly guest count history. The summary page establishes a 3-week average for use in forecasting upcoming sales and guest counts and is a useful tool when creating schedules and labor budgets.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts
  • Gives managers or schedule makers a guide for scheduling the proper number of staff for each meal period and day of the week

  • Guest forecasting can be narrowed to half-hour time intervals for each day of the week

  • Can be customized to fit you unique time intervals


This template is available in Excel file format.

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