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DOWNLOAD: Customer Service - Staff Evaluation Form

Every restaurant owner wishes to deliver the highest level of customer service to their guests; and, they depend on their staff to do so. Have you ever wondered how your restaurant stacks up when it comes to attaining guest satisfaction? More importantly, what does your staff think about the level of customer service your restaurant offers?

Use the Customer Service - Staff Evaluation Form to gain your workers' perspective of the level of customer service offered at your restaurant.

By getting constructive feedback from your employees, you not only learn of ways to improve customer service, you also benefit from a greater awareness of the guest by your employees.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Keep's your staff engaged and focused on customer service
  • Complements the Customer Service Checklist

  • Gives employees the opportunity to provide feedback on their views for improving customer service.


This template is available in RTF (rich text format) file format. RTF file format works in most word processing programs.

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