DOWNLOAD: Birthday Club Startup Checklist

DOWNLOAD: Birthday Club Startup Checklist

Restaurants that form a birthday club have found it to be one of their most cost effective and successful marketing endeavors. Even better, their customers love it!

The Birthday Club Startup Checklist can help you jumpstart the creation of a birthday club program that helps you quickly build your customer database and guides you through the process used by thousands of restaurant operators to build repeat and new business.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Shows you how to create a compelling birthday offer.

  • Includes detailed recommendations for designing a birthday card your customers can't wait to redeem.  

  • Resources on proven methods for collecting your customers addresses and contact information.

  • Detailed instructions for establishing redemption procedures and launching a mail campaign.

  • Includes instructions and resources for tracking the return on investment of your campaign.

This checklist is available in Microsoft Word (doc) file format. You must have a Microsoft Word or compatible program installed on your computer to use this form.

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