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DOWNLOAD: Restaurant-Specific Chart of Accounts for QuickBooks

This specially-formatted Excel file is ready for easy import to QuickBooks using the File Import utility for QuickBooks. Available for QuickBooks Windows Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Using a restaurant industry standard chart of accounts is one of the smartest things an independent operator can do. An industry standard chart of accounts will give you financial information in a much more useful format and enable you to compare your P&L numbers with other restaurants.*

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Specially formatted for QuickBooks File Import Utility for Excel files
  • Written for the National Restaurant Association and complies with their annual Industry Operations Reports.

  • Addresses previously unrecognized accounts such as delivery and merchandise or gift card sales and redemption.

  • Available in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online formats

  • Includes link to step-by-step instructions for importing into QuickBooks

The Uniform System of Accounts for QuickBooks - Chart of Accounts are downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

 Excel File for QuickBooks Windows Desktop

Instructions QuickBooks Windows Desktop Import

Excel File for QuickBooks Online

Instructions QuickBooks Online Import

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