DOWNLOAD: #Foursquare Restaurant 2.0 Edition

DOWNLOAD: #Foursquare Restaurant 2.0 Edition

by Joe Sorge, AJ Bombers

Use this eBook to develop a plan to market your restaurant in the digital age.

Are you tuned in to checking in? All over town, signs announce who the mayor is, encourage people to "check in here," circles with funny pictures inside of them with rewards attached. Have you wondered what's going on? You've found the answer here, the localized social media platform called Foursquare.

Like Twitter before it, Foursquare is a fantastic way to beat the recession, even in a recession, people still go out to eat. It's catching on among the highly "plugged in" mobile phone users, the social media savvy, the networkers and you can make it work for your restaurant.

Succeeding in the new digital age demands that restaurant owners embrace a completely new approach to dealing with customers and doing business. This eBook explains what it will take for you to thrive in this challenging new envirmoment with practical advice and tactics that work. However, social media alone won't lead to your success and if you're not providing an excellent experience to your customer you'll find social media working against you.

The #FoursquareWorks Restaurant 2.0 Edition includes 13 chapters and covers the following topics and much more:

  • Are you tuned in to checking in?
  • What is Foursquare?
  • What is Foursquare to a restaurant?
  • The Mayor and the Loyalty Royalty
  • Badge Envy
  • Swarming, and other fun Foursquare events
  • Helping Guests learn about Foursquare
  • After the check-in
  • Foursquare and other social media
  • Don't forget to tip!
  • Foursquare lessons that come from Twitter
  • Your Foursquare Dashboard

The #FoursquareWorks Restaurant 2.0 Edition is downloaded in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format.

Our thanks to member, Joe Sorge, for making this ebook available to our members at no cost. When you're in Milwaukee, be sure and stop by Joe's award-winning restaurant, A.J. Bombers.

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