Newly-Revised Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants

Newly-Revised Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants

The National Restaurant Association's Uniform System of Accounts is back in print. This latest edition contains many updates, changes and enhancements from previous editions and was co-edited by's Jim Laube and Restaurant Startup and Growth magazine's Barry Shuster

This latest edition reflects the many operational, marketing and technological changes in the industry over the past decade and has been designed specifically to assist single-unit and small multiunit operators maximize the usefulness and value of their financial information as a tool to manage the ongoing operations of their restaurants.

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The organization and accounts used in the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants has been modified and updated in this latest edition. The format of the statement of income has been reformatted to be more useful in evaluating key restaurant costs and margins such as prime cost and management controllable profit. The terminology has been updated and several new accounts have been added, particularly in the statement of income to reflect the use of new technology and other operating and marketing practices common in many restaurants today.

The Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants is also designed to assist restaurant bookkeepers and accountants navigate the myriad of often unique and varied accounting issues of the restaurant industry. This includes dealing with discounts and comps, server banking, paid-outs, gift certificates, breakage, service charges and more.

Also, the restaurant controls chapter of the book has been greatly expanded and includes sections on industry best practices to control cash, food and beverage, labor and a section on the value of weekly prime cost reporting.

Highlights of the NEW Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants:

  • Examples of financial statement formats based on the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurant for both full service and limited service restaurants

  • Accounting for income such as cover charges, product rebates, service charges, room rentals, breakage, vending commissions, etc.

  • Detailed Expense Dictionary to guide in the correct coding of restaurant costs and expenses

  • Checklist on managing your restaurant's finances

  • Simplified recordkeeping for restaurants

  • Sample Chart of Accounts based on the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants

  • Description of the restaurant accounting process and how restaurant financial statements are prepared

  • Why many restaurants use a four-week and not a monthly accounting cycle

  • Tax treatment of gratuities and autograts

  • Restaurant accounting and reporting functions checklist

  • Property tax issues for restaurants

  • Restaurant industry averages and rules of thumb for key margins and expenses

  • State and local tax issues

Sample pages from the NEW Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants:

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