DOWNLOAD: Daily Voids Log Sheet

DOWNLOAD: Daily Voids Log Sheet

Theft prevention 101 - never let your bartenders, servers or cashiers void items after they have been rung up. It's ok to give them the ability to void (item correct) an item "while" they are in the process of ringing the check; however, once the check has been recorded (saved or printed) then only management should be allowed to perform a void function.

But theft prevention doesn't stop there - in fact, we've found that management is more likely to steal if when given the authority to perform voids (for overrings, mistakes, etc.) they are not held accountable for recording the reasons for voids or after-the-sale adjustments.

Use the Daily Voids Log Sheet to record detailed reasons for making POS adjustments, then routinely compare to POS reports, either in daily checks or weekly management meetings. Ask questions as to why they occurred and find solutions to minimize their occurrences.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Helps to prevent theft by managers and cashiers

  • Provides detailed audit trail and documentation of all void activity

  • User-defined void reason categories

  • Makes it harder for employees to steal by forcing them to document POS adjustments


The Daily Voids Log Sheet is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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