DOWNLOAD: Period Sales and Labor Log Sheet

DOWNLOAD: Period Sales and Labor Log Sheet

POS reports are a great tool for tracking sales and labor performance - but more often than not, you need to run two, three or even more different reports in order to see view multiple key profitability indicators for the entire period.

The Period Sale and Labor Log Sheet provides a one page, at-a-glance snapshot of daily sales and labor summarized by week and period-to-date. By simply recording daily the # of guests, sales, # of guest checks, labor hours and labor cost - the form will automatically calculate key performance indicators to help you in budgeting, scheduling and forecasting future sales and labor expectations while also providing valuable analysis of check averages and productivity.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Can be used for 13 4-week periods, 12-month calendar or 4-5-4  accounting periods
  • Enter the first day of the reporting period and the other dates are filled in automatically

  • Tracks the following key profitability indicators: Sales and guests per labor hour, labor cost percentage and average hourly pay rate

  • Tracks other performance indicators such as check average, PPA and average number of guests per table

  • Requires only 5 fields of data to be recorded each day


The Period Sales and Labor Log Sheet is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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