DOWNLOAD: Social Media Policy Template for Restaurants

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Policy Template for Restaurants

Social media is now mainstream and restaurants, like any business, need to recognize that people, and sometimes even their employees, are talking about them online.

All restaurant companies, including small independent operations, would be wise to have establishes guidelines for what is appropriate and what is not appropriate communication for their employees on social media websites.

Case in point -- The video showing two Domino's employees doing gross things in one of their restaurant's kitchen in April 2009 should have sent a strong warning to anyone in the restaurant business about indiscriminant employee social media use.

Download this template entitled "Policy Regarding Use of Social Media by Employees" as a guide to create your own policies and guidelines for your company and its employees.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Provides guidelines for establishing your own social media policy
  • Discusses and details examples of inappropriate social media use for employees at work and when they are off duty

  • Addresses employee use of company equipment and facilities for non-work-related activities

  • This template can be easily modified to reflect the specific policies and guidelines you want in your restaurant


The Social Media Policy Template for Restaurants is downloadable in a Microsoft Word® (.docx) file format.

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