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Prime Cost Wizard

Feature: Accounting Integration

Feature: Accounting Integration

One of the greatest frustrations that operators face when it comes to tracking their financial position with spreadsheets is that they have to duplicate their work to enter the very same data into their accounting software. The Prime Cost Wizard was developed with one of its goals being - ELIMINATE DUPLICATE DATA ENTRY.

That is exactly why we spent a lot of time developing the framework so that all sales and purchase information can be exported to a variety of accounting formats, including QuickBooksÔ, PeachtreeÔ and standard comma-separated file formats (other export options available for multi-unit operators).

But the real value of our accounting export procedure is HOW SIMPLE we designed it to use - and NO POLLING required..

Simple Two-Step Export Process

Step 1 - Mark the transactions to be exported

Only designated users that have been assigned the rights to approve exports have access to accounting export menu. These users can access this from any Internet connection, on or off site. This allows the operator to limit access for approving exports to a specific manager or bookkeeper or both. The screenshot below shows they have the option to hand-select individual sales and purchase transactions, or to mark an entire list of transactions for export.

Step 2 - Import the approved transactions

Once the transactions have been approved, your bookkeeper or accounting service can then import directly into QuickBooksÔ, (Desktop versions and QuickBooks Online) or download the file for import using the PeachtreeÔ  file import templates, or download the comma-separated export files.

PCW Export Approval Screen
PCW Export Approval Screen

Built-in QuickBooksÔ Interface

Now here's the really cool part - the Prime Cost wizard has been designed with QuickBooks in mind. Over 70% of our members reported using QuickBooks as their primary accounting software. Using QuickBooks' built-in Web Connector™, simply click and go to seamlessly import all approved transactions - saving several hours a week of data input and ELIMINATING DUPLICATE DATA ENTRY. (Announcement: We now support interface to QuickBooks Online - please email support@primecostwizard.com for more details)

QuickBooks Web Connector
QuickBooks Web Connector

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