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Feature: Online Reporting

Feature: Online Reporting

The cornerstone of the Prime Cost Wizard program is the Prime Cost Variance report - a weekly comparison report showing sales, cost of sales and labor for a given period. But our reporting capabilities go well beyond simple comparisons.

Point-of-Sale reports are great for analyzing item sales mix, labor productivity and sales history; and most accounting packages provide acceptable profit & loss reporting - but for in depth prime cost analysis, most POS systems and practically all accounting software fall short. Therefore, many operators have turned to customized spreadsheets to fill the gap.

But unlike spreadsheets, the Prime Cost Wizard stores your sales and cost information within a SQL database. Storing information in this manner opens up virtually unlimited reporting opportunities. And the best part about using the PCW reporting tool  (other than they can be run from any Internet connection) is that all reports can be exported to AdobeÔ PDF format (great for emailing), ExcelÔ worksheets, web archive and XML.


Sample Reports

Prime Cost Variance Reports current week performance as compared to previous week's numbers, showing the variance between the two. By default, the report prints in an Industry Standard summary format; however, each sales, cost and labor category can be expanded with the click of a button to show detailed sales and cost analysis for your restaurant's unique tracking categories .
Prime Cost P-T-D Comparison Compares any two periods of data, current month vs. previous month, year-over year, or any date range that you enter. Summary and detailed expansion option.
Prime Cost 6-Week Trend Side-by-side comparison showing the prime cost fluctuation for any six-week period. Helps in analyzing cost control measures and efficiency trends. Makes it easy to spot rising food, beverage or labor cost trends.
Current Week vs. Previous 6-Week Shows current week sales and cost ratios vs. previous 6-week ratio.
Daily Sales Report Daily cash balancing recap for all shifts. Print this report daily for permanent record storage, along with supporting POS closing report, bank deposit slips, credit card batch totals and other supporting documentation such as coupons, void tickets and redeemed gift certificates.
W-T-D Sales Recap This is a W-T-D formatted report showing the sales summary by day of week in side-by-side format. Great tool for analyzing sales and cash flow.
6-Week Sales Trend Side-by-side sales comparison showing detailed sales for any six-week period.
Purchase Journal Listing of purchases by date range and vendor, showing vendor, invoice number and payment type. Useful
Purchases by GL Account Prints list of purchases by GL account allocation. Useful for analyzing specific cost categories such as meat, seafood, etc.
Transaction Journal Detailed journal of accounts showing all entries to each sales, cost and expense accounts. Very useful for verification that all purchase, inventory values and sales entries have been posted properly. Provides support detail for the prime cost reports.
Accounting Interface Mapping Listing of all PCW items showing the general ledger accounts they are mapped to. Useful for verification of correct mapping to QuickBooks or other accounting package.


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