DOWNLOAD: Rent Reduction Request Letter

DOWNLOAD: Rent Reduction Request Letter

Due to the downturn in the economy many restaurants are struggling and the market for commercial rental property is softening as well.

As a result of these market conditions, landlords of commercial properties are realizing that less rental income might be better than an empty space generating no income at all.

Many restaurants, including independent and chain operators, are actively approaching their landlords and asking for concessions such as temporary or even permanent reductions in the amount of rent they pay.

Although obtaining a rent reduction and/or other concessions is possible it's VERY important to go about it in the right way to enhance, not hurt your chances of a favorable outcome.

To help you get the negotiation process off to a good start, the Restaurant Rent Reduction Request Letter template will provide you with a proven guide to formulate a concise, professional letter that addresses the major issues and sets a positive tone for the process to move to the next step.


The 3-page Restaurant Rent Reduction Request Template is downloaded in a Microsoft Word® (.docx) file format.

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