Feature: Purchase Log

Feature: Purchase Log

The most successful operators compute their prime cost weekly. The first step in calculating the cost of sales portion of prime cost is to keep a record of your daily food and beverages purchases.

Created for the Non-Accountant

Most restaurant managers are not accountants - likewise, you don't want them having access to your accounting software program. However, it is typically the restaurant or kitchen manager that spends your money to buy food and beverage supplies to feed your guests. With the Prime Cost Wizard, managers or staff can be responsible for recording and coding daily purchases - a separate approval process enables you, your bookkeeper or your accounting service to review and download purchases directly into your QuickBooks™, Peachtree or other accounting software.

The Prime Cost Wizard purchases module provides a simple and speedy method to record and allocate expenses to the appropriate food or beverage account categories. We utilize convenient dropdown lists to reduce typing requirements when selecting vendors, choosing payment terms or assigning cost accounts to invoices.

Features and Benefits

  • Dropdown Vendor List - Vendors are uploaded from your accounting software and instantly available in the Prime Cost Wizard vendor listing.

  • User-defined Payment Types - The program supports a variety of purchase types such as vendor terms, C.O.D. checks or cash, cash purchases, credit card purchase, ACH (Automated Clearing House), vendor credits and refunds. PCW memorizes the last payment type used for a vendor and displays that automatically the next time that vendor is selected.

  • Memorized Account Codes - PCW keeps tabs on which cost accounts are used most often for each vendor - then displays them first in the dropdown account code list. Simply enter the amount for each code, or select from the entire code list to distribute amounts to other cost codes.

  • Click-link Edit List - Allows users to easily change or add cost distributions, invoice number or payment terms before sending it to accounting program.

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