DOWNLOAD: Weekly Cost of Sales Worksheet

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Cost of Sales Worksheet

Included in the Weekly Cost of Sales Reporting file in the Cost of Sales Worksheet and the Invoice Log worksheet. Food, liquor, beer and wine purchases can be posted to the Invoice Log on a daily basis. Totals on the invoice log automatically update the weekly purchases on the Cost of Sales Worksheet.

Once sales and inventory information is entered, the Cost of Sales worksheet calculates the food, liquor, beer and wine cost for the week as well as the Number of Days of Inventory on hand and Inventory Turnover for each product category.

You can use the Cost of Sales Worksheet to get weekly feedback on your cost of sales and inventory levels. Many restaurants see immediate and significant improvement of their cost of sales by knowing these costs more frequently and being aware of how much inventory they are carrying, relative to how quickly the inventory is being used.

The mechanics and advantages of using this form have been described in detail in Food & Beverage Costs Deserve More Than Once a Month located in the "How To Ideas" part of this section.

The Uniform Agreement for Employment is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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