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DOWNLOAD: Key Item Running Inventory Worksheet

The Key Item Running Inventory Worksheet is designed to help you control those products that drive your food cost. These key products are generally the ones that make up the largest share of your food cost dollars.

The Key Item Running Inventory Worksheet is a tool you can use to compare the quantity of your key products "actually" used with the quantity that "should" have used based upon what you sold during the day. The mechanics and advantages of using this form have been described in detail in Keep a Running Inventory on Your Key Products.

This download comes in a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file format. (39k)

Summary of features:

  • The worksheet is ready to use. Just enter your numbers and print.

  • This worksheet includes 3 formatted pages and will accommodate 15 key products.

  • The worksheet can be easily changed to fit your exact requirements.

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