DOWNLOAD: Buffet Cost Tracking Template

DOWNLOAD: Buffet Cost Tracking Template

Adding a buffet line to your menu selection can be a powerful sales building tool, especially for those slow nights that just never seem to draw enough customers. A successful buffet not only requires fresh and appetizing food, it also needs to have a balanced selection of low, medium, and higher cost items.

The Buffet Cost Tracking template is a universal spreadsheet tool to help operators plan and manage their buffets. The extremely user-friendly design enables even novice spreadsheet users to easily and swiftly configure a comprehensive cost tracking system that will keep them informed on the daily profit performance of their buffet.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Tracks up to 100 user-defined buffet items
  • Groups buffet items by category (Salads, meats, seafood, desserts, etc.) for better performance analysis

  • Includes a printable cost tracking chart to record usage during the shift

  • Tracks the number of ounces consumed as well as cost per guest

  • Incorporates the "ABC" method of cost control where "A" group represents higher cost items and "C" group is lower cost items

  • Tracks waste and customer consumption


Step 1 - User-friendly Setup Screens

The commonly accepted practice is to stock your buffet with 20% A items, 30% B items and 50% of C items. As you add or subtract items to your buffet, the target # and actual #, % and cost per oz. will change based on the cost of the menu items added.





Step 2 - Track the Usage and Review the Results


The Buffet Cost Tracking Template is downloadable in Microsoft Excel® file format.

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