DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Accounting Checklist

DOWNLOAD: Restaurant Accounting Checklist

At the end of each month or four-week period, your bookkeeper or accountant should be preparing your financial statements in a consistent manner every time.

Help the people who crunch your numbers get organized and be more efficient with this comprehensive, Restaurant Accounting Checklist for processing your periodic financial statements.

The Restaurant Accounting Checklist will improve your chances of getting your numbers quicker and have financial statements that more accurately reflect how your restaurant is actually performing.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Lists the source documents needed to prepare the monthly or four-week financial statements
  • Can be useful whether your financial statements are prepared in-house or by an outside accounting service

  • Can be customized or modified to your exact specifications

  • Includes a short-list of common restaurant company journal entries 

The Accounting Checklist - End of Period Processing is downloadable in Microsoft Word® file format.

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