Brian Langley, Chef/Owner
Brian Langley, Chef/Owner

VIDEO: Restaurants That Work - Union River Lobster Pot

Even though Brian Langley is a restaurateur and not a farmer, he knows how to make hay when the sun shines.

His 120 seat restaurant, the Union City Lobster Pot, is open, for busines just 15 weeks a year and has just one meal period a day!

The thought of being closed 8 months a year would be economic suicide to most restaurants but Brian, who by the way owns the land and building, and has learned how to take full advantage of the town's busy summer tourist season and then close in early fall until opening again the following summer.

I know you'll learn a lot from Brian's insights and extensive experience. As you'll see he's an exceptionally hard-working, hands-on operator and saavy businessman who takes an exceptional amount of pride in what he does.

Union River Lobster Pot Clip 2 - Maintaining Quality

Union River Lobster Pot Clip 3 - Marketing Activities

Union River Lobster Pot Clip 4 - Financial & Profit Management

Union River Lobster Pot Clip 5 - Advantages of Being an Independent

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