DOWNLOAD: Catering/Banquet Telemarketing Script

DOWNLOAD: Catering/Banquet Telemarketing Script

Successful caterers know how important it is to get to the "decision-maker" when it comes to making sales calls. Having a telemarketing call script helps in getting past the receptionist and to the people responsible for booking catered events.

Use this form in conjunction with the Catering/Banquet Sales & Marketing Scorecard for building a systematic and measurable telemarketing program.

 Summary of Features & Benefits:

  • Valuable sales tool for cold calls and prospecting.
  • Can be edited to fit your restaurant's needs.

  • Includes a form for collecting prospect's contact information and catering interests.

  • Helpful tool for getting to the catering decision-maker.

The Catering/Banquet Telemarketing Script is downloadable in rich-text format (.rtf).

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