DOWNLOAD: Catering/Banquet Sales & Marketing Scorecard

DOWNLOAD: Catering/Banquet Sales & Marketing Scorecard

Restaurant operators realize that catering and banquet sales can add thousands to the bottom-line, so it's not surprising that many hire a sales person to promote catering or banquet services. While the ultimate proof of success is bookings and dollars coming in, many operators struggle to measure the productivity for this position.

For a sales person to be successful they need tools and resources to help them promote your business. The Catering/Banquet Sales & Marketing Scorecard provides your sales staff with a simple tool to track the progress and success in turning contacts into sales. Sales managers in most companies know that if you make enough calls, identify prospects, and prepare enough proposals, you'll eventually get the desired sales results.

Use this form to establish goals, track results, and measure the performance of your catering or banquet sales efforts.

 Summary of Features & Benefits:

  • Tracks the monthly progress of sales contacts.
  • Helps in identifying which list sources provide the most productive sales leads.

  • Lets you establish goals for number contacts, prospects, proposals and sales bookings.

  • Automatically calculates performance vs. goals, providing you with a tool for creating realistic expectations from your sales staff.

The Catering/Banquet Sales & Marketing Scorecard is downloadable in Microsoft Excel format (.xls).


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