DOWNLOAD: Payroll Hours Confirmation Log

DOWNLOAD: Payroll Hours Confirmation Log

Inaccurate payroll records can cost operators thousands of dollars in back pay, taxes, and fines. Use the Payroll Hours Confirmation Log as a tool to quickly identify and record payroll hours discrepancies.

Whether you use a time-clock and timecards, or your POS system to track time and attendance hours, invariably employees will occasionally fail to clock-in or clock-out at the appropriate time. However, as a restaurant operator and business owner you are responsible to pay them for actual hours worked. Failing to do so violates federal law and exposes you to costly back pay, taxes, and penalties.

To avoid these types of problems, have your employees sign the Payroll Confirmation Log when they receive their paychecks. Having clear and precise documentation of hours worked - including employee confirmation - provides you with a powerful tool in the event you are the subject of a labor department audit.

 Summary of features & benefits of maintaining a payroll confirmation log:

  • Employee signature confirms that correct hours were paid.
  • Provides employees with a systematic method to notify you of inaccurate payroll hours.

  • Provides an accurate log of paycheck distribution and confirmation of hours worked.

  • Gives you the opportunity to correct payroll problems promptly and avoid back pay, taxes, and penalties.

The Payroll Hours Confirmation Log is downloadable in rich-text format (.rtf) for use in most word-processing programs.

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