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Restaurant Marketing Promotion Tracking Template

Restaurants that gross over $1,000,000 annually report spending from 2-4% of revenue on marketing. The most successful ones track their promotions so they "know" which ones work and which don't. Tracking the success or failure of your promotions can help you to maximize your marketing dollars and prevent throwing your hard-earned cash down the drain by identifying the rate of return on your marketing investments.

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The Marketing Promotion Tracking Template gives operators a tool to track the cost and response rate of individual marketing promotions. This Microsoft Excel® workbook is ready for use by any type of restaurant or bar operation without the need for extensive customization.


  • Promotion Budget - Easy to use drop down lists for marketing expenses and vendors  make budget preparation quick and simple.

  • Zip Code Response - You can define up to 6 different zip codes for tracking the areas that give you your best responses.

  • Redemption Items - User-defined redemption items such as gift certificates or coupons can be set up to track the cost for each discount.

  • Cost of Sales Tracking - The average cost of sales for each discount is applied to your other promotion costs to give you a true cost of the promotion.

  • Most Popular Redemption Day - Entering the responses for each day provides the data needed to track which day of the week promotion items are being redeemed the most.

  • Profit Tracking - As you record your ongoing expenses and responses, the profit of the promotion is automatically recalculated.

  • ROI - The P-T-D Summary includes a Return on Investment calculation that compares the cost of the promotion to the gross profit of the associated sales incurred as a result of the response to the promotion.

  • Drop-down Lists - The Drop Down List feature eliminates the need for typing repetitive data when preparing a new promotion. Use the one-time set-up worksheet to define your own unique drop-down lists for Expenses, Vendors, Redemptions and Zip Codes

  • Step-by-Step Instructions - Get started right away by using the step by step instructions for setting up and using the Marketing Promotion Tracking Template.


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Restaurant Marketing Promotion Tracking Template