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Operations Checklists

New Restaurant Startup & Opening Resources

These restaurant-specific spreadsheets and templates have been developed and refined over the past 10+ years by consultants and operators working on a variety of restaurant startup projects and ventures.

Restaurant Business Plan Startup Kit
Restaurant Business Plan Startup KitA professional, well-conceived restaurant business plan is absolutely essential for an independent restaurant venture to obtain funding and have any real chance for success. Our business plan templates will provide you with the tools to develop and communicate your plan in a professional, compelling format that will enhance your chances of securing capital and making your plan a reality.   more info > > >

Restaurant Startup & Feasibility Model
Restaurant Startup & Feasibility ModelWhether you're planning on opening your first restaurant or adding another location, analyzing the financial feasibility of the project is essential. These series of linked spreadsheets have been refined over several years on a wide variety and number of actual restaurant ventures and formal business plans.   more info > > >

Restaurant Startup Checklist
Restaurant Startup ChecklistStarting a restaurant means dealing with a myriad of details and activities. Missing a critical step or activity can mean delays, cost overruns or worse. Use this 300+ point checklist from 12 months out to opening day to better plan and manage the process.   more info > > >

New Restaurant Opening Manual Template
New Restaurant Opening Manual TemplateWhile every new restaurant opening has it's unique requirements, this 50 page manual can be a useful guide to anticipate, organize and plan the primary activities that every new restaurant must execute well to have a successful opening. Includes weekly checklists, forms, schedules for procuring products, services, marketing activities, employee hiring, training & more. . . .   more info > > >