The Annual Sales section calculates the annual sales per sq. ft. for your restaurant and then returns the profit percentage expectations for
restaurants with equivalent sales volume. The
Annual Profit and Loss section compares your restaurant's financial performance to industry averages. 
Annual Sales    
Service Style
  % Profit Expectation  
Total square feet (restaurant space only)     Sales per sq. ft.      
Total number of seats     Sales per seat        
Annual Net Sales (less comps and discounts)     # sq. ft. per seat        
Annual P&L Totals   (in dollars)            
Total Cost of Sales (food, beverage and merch. cost)   Cost %        
Total Labor Cost (including P/R taxes and benefits)   Labor %        
Prime Cost     Prime Cost %      
Total Occupancy Cost (including rent and property taxes)   Occupancy %      
Net Profit     Profit %      

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